Amanda (chocoeyed15) wrote,

thinkin' tooo much!

Ahhhhhh! GOOD BYE FINALS! Finals are so fuckin' over, mofo! Butttttt, I still hafta take ACE test tomorrow morning, even though I do not have school. I hafta be at school before 8am and then take the ACE test and then around maybbbbbe hmm..8 45am, I will be done by then. Then I hafta clean all day until around before 3pm to go and pick up Elizabeth with Beki and then off to Kristina's house for a party. Then hafta come home early Saturday morning to wait for the SURPISE, I know the SURPISE! Then I have game on Monday at Bell. West! GO RALSTON! We better be kickin' some ass! Yeaaaaaah baby! Well, Sorry but I gotta bounce, I have too MUCH on my mind, and I think some of ya problly know what's onI am telling you, it just makes me really tired so I am gonna go now so good nitey! Byeeeee
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