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Blaaaaaah! I am tired as hella rite now! Haha, but yeah, just watchin' some tv show and am chattin' with Jeff Loveland from school. I don't have a crushie on him anymore. He's just a friend, haha since some of you might've think that I do still like him. So yeppers. Around 11, Beki, Doug, and Victoria left my apartment. We were hanging out ever since 6pm. We went to Valentino's (buffet kind) and then after that, we went back to my apartment, hung out little bit then decided to go out and rent a movie at Blockbuster. We searched for awhile, couldn't really find anything then we found this movie called 'The Rules of Attraction'. It's interesting movie, kinda boring, but interesting sex scenes, haha, just kidding! But yeah, anyway, mom ordered pizza, but I couldn't have some though coz mom doesn't wanna be feedin' my friends (meaaaaan!) so yeah, after they left, I just went back in and took the mattress from my bedroom out to living room since mom was sleeping on the couch. So then I ate some cake from Godfather's and watched tv..then decided to get online. So, here I am! Tomorrow, around noon, Alex and Beki's coming over and hang out for awhile. Then we'll see what we're doing afterwards, just hoping to be with Victoria though since I wuv her! Hmm..anyway! What did I do on the New Year Eve night? Hmm, well I babysat couple of kids with Beki. Babysat 6 kids, they are all soooo cutttte!
Name/Age/Deaf or HH or H:
Mariah/7/Hearing--really talented in sign language!Loves 2 talk
Marcy/5/Hearing--does not know much sign lang. but is learning!
Kelsey/3/Hard of hearing--Loves to give her sis hard time :-/
Emily/3/Hard of hearing--Kelsey's twin sister~ veeerry cute!
Curtis/9/Deaf--very fun little boy, jesus, he loves to talk!
Andrew/6/Hearing--only knows some sign lang. but is learning!

So yeah, Mariah and Curtis are sister and brother. Andrew are Emily and Kelsey's brother. Marcy doesn't have sister or brother, but yeah, she's really cute! Me and Beki didn't get to Beki's house until 3:30am in the morning. We both were really tired, the kids wore us out. Mariah told me and Beki that we are their favorite babysitter, she never liked any babysitters until us. I thought that was so cute of her. She also made me and Beki a card. I have it :-D We all also took lots of pictures last night so I'll get the camera developed and can't wait to see the pictures! Hehe, I really wanna babysit them again! I wuv them!!

Hmm...this Saturday! I can't wait! Am going to Harlem Globetrotters with my hunnie at Qwest Center! New building..never been there before! Then miggggggght sleep over at Victoria's house, am not so sure since the game might be over really late. So yeah, we'll see! Hehe :-D *hugsss Victoria* I can't wait until this Saturday! Muwahahahahah!

Well, hate to stop typing but I am too tired, so I am gonna go to beddie now and start going into my dreamland! I have a appointment at 1am to meet someone in my dreamland. So I'll update the LJ sum other time. I am also tryin' to update my LJ more often now. Haha :-D Well, beddie time! Good nitey!!
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