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Blaaah! I am reallly tired. I stayed up until 3am last night coz I was thinking about so much things and then I watched a movie called 'Jaws III' it's really creepy..blaah then in science class we watched an shark video. Well offically, Weds is an bad day for me. Why? I'll list them:

-During advisement, I went up to mah coach's room to talk to him since my terp told me that the coach wanna talk to me. He was really mad when I walked into the room. My god....he was like 'Where were you on Friday and Saturday?' I was like 'huh, what are you talking about? I thought mah mom called you and talked to you and that it was fine with you that I don't play game on Friday and Saturday since I am grounded' He was like 'no, your mom tried to connect me but didn't talk to me' I was like 'Oh okay' he said 'Well you are missing alot of things so..' I was like 'I know, I am thinking about being done with basketball after tomorrow's game. Then somehow, he told me that I am done with basketball for the rest of the reason. I almost had to cry..for some reason coz I didnt want to be kicked off the team. So..I just somehow couldn't sign so i just left the room then I looked back, saw my terp askin me 'are you okay?' i said 'NO' then i just kept on walking down to art room, was really sad..I even cried on the way down but not harddd haha just tears coming out of my eyes. So yeah.. :-/ I am done with basketball for now. Well fuck the coach anyway, I heard things about him, that he was tellin 2 girls on mah team whos much better than me that they sucked and they didnt even play the game on Friday and Saturday. So jeeez!

-Mah study hall teacher was giving me hard time, tellin me that she has to take away mah advisement time so I could catch up w/ some shit. Well, offically, I got really mad inside, but just didn't show it. She told me I hafta stay after school one day to work with her to catch up. I was like 'I know'. Jeeeez she was just getting on mah nerves.

-I had to meet up with the counselor about 2 times today. One time during the study hall, I wasn't in good mood, btw I was emotional..well duhhh one reason why...*looks around* sum of ya problly know. *woman thing->hint* so yep...goddamn..seems like everytime I have it I always get one bad day out of 5 days of havin that dumb thingie! *sighs* so yeah, then I wanted to skip counselor during lunch but sumhow she came lookin' for me at lunch *groans* yep i know..I was like 'GIMME A BREAK!'

-after lunch, went to science class. Teacher was givin me hard time by sayin 'you have to make up the test that you missed last week' so I just somehow told him 'theres NO way I am gonna take it today coz I am not ahving a good day, alright?' I wasn't in mood so I was kinda hissy at him. then I said 'well, thanks alot for makin mah day worse!' He just laughed and said 'You're welcome' I am like 'idiot' haha. But yepp...

Thats pretty much of bad day I had. Mah day got much better when mah hun came over and visited me. I was so happy, ofc I am usually happy around mah friends and my hun especially ;-D hehe yepp, I wuv her bunchies! Am gonna see her again tmw *wheeee jumps around* muwaha so yeppers. Hmm..lets see..I also went to 7th period and my terp was asking me whats wrong coz I was like all quiet and seemed like I couldnt focus on some work so I explained to her and she said 'I am so sorry about that :( I'll give you a break today' hah coz she usually make me work and not talk or whatever, she would tell me to shut up! Haha but yeah whaaatever. So thats all I hafta say for today :) blaah hehe so I am outtie to bed..its almost 2am..damn! I havent even done mah homework neither.. muwaha..oh well, I am sure I got plenty time in classes tmw to finish them I am fast worker on dat kind of shit :) hehe so talk to ya'll later! BUhbyeeeees
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