Amanda (chocoeyed15) wrote,


*Screams* *Runs into the wall and bams, falls down* *Groans*
Alright, I got no clue wut's wrong with my body! I am like ...becoming weakie, sick, and I am assuming that the immune system is trying to kill me. *waves good bye* I have to leave you all. I am sorry, everyone. Don't ever forget that I'll always love ya'll, ya'll are like my sisters and realllllly good friends. *Fading in my eyes and goes to sleep in peace*

I am back! I am not dead! WHeeeee I talked to god and see if he could send me back to the world so I can be with you all :) *dances around* Wait..I just realized that I am better! *Dancing around with an wonderful joy!* Wheee

*looks around* I think I am in an weird mood :-/ haha but yeppers...I haven't gone to school for 3 days (Thursday *last week*, Monday, and Tuesday). Even though Monday and Tuesday were half days coz of the parent/teacher conferneces. I couldn't go coz in the mornings I was feeling realllllllly WEAK like I couldn't move at all *groans* the school gets out at 11:30am so it was too late for me to go to school (if it was an whole day of school, then I would go during my lunch). So yeppers. Well blaaah..but hey, mah babe's coming over at 4 to 4 30! Wheee I can't wait to see her though, she cheers me up. I wuv you babe! (mah babe knows who I am talking about). Hehe wtf..I dont know if I am making any sense at all but yeah. Well I am gonna bounce..need to get off my mom's computer coz I am not supposed to be on it *oopies* so to ya'll later! Buh byes
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