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Heyyy everyone! Whatcha ya'll been up to? Me not muchie...just going nuts! *growls* Today was alright. Was terrible at school but until then later, it's much better. Will tell about it now:

At 7:45am this morning, I went to school. Got into a classroom, sat down, then Chris came in (late) and then he had this 'I am depressed and am not happy with someone' face. I knew it was something wrong so I tried to like talk to him but he seem to ignore me or something. So, then I was workin' on my artwork in History class while the teacher lecturing (blahh boring, did I look interested?....NOPE!). So, hm, then I looked up, saw Chris and Dan D and my terp hidin' sumthing and I knew it was about me. So I gave my terp a look and was like 'Chris mad or what?' She said 'He told me why he's mad', so I asked her 'Why?', she said she'll tell me after class. So, somehow, Chris and Dan D were by the teacher so the terp had a chance to tell me, then I was like 'thats bullshit!! fuck him, he's always causing goddamn problems!' I got all mad, and then my terp told me to calm down, so I did (kinda) then Chris left, then my terp explained more. So I just walked out of room and walked by Chris, completely ignored him and acted like I was mad or something like that, went up the stairs and got to my locker, and got some shit outta there then went to my class and just sat down and started studyin' for English test (about MacBeth *screaaaaaaams*). Me and Chris didn't talk at all during that class...that's good :) I didn't even wanna talk to him at all. So the class was over, I just walked outta room without waitin' for him like usually. So, I just walked to my locker and then walked downstairs (almost got on the 1st step to the stairs) then I noticed Chris was going that way so I just turned around and walked other way to advisement room which is like a longer walk from the way Chris was going. So I just kept on walking until I got to the library, he was walking slowly so I just walked even more slower. Then he finally got into advisement room, then I got in there behind him, he walked and sat down. Then I just sat down and then waited for my terp to come in coz I wanted her to go to the nurse with me. Then the terp came in, then I somehow complained about my hip, and I doubt Chris caught that, he thought I wanted to go to nurse coz I was feeling 'sick'. I wasn't feeling sick, I just needed some ice for my hip and to call my mom to make some damn appt. for my hip. So, Chris was like 'You sick or what?' I said 'No, my hip hurts, now shut up!' then he made some face at me. So I just left the room (terp didn't go with me). Found a teacher (my favorite study hall teacher from last year) and asked her to go with me, she did but the nurse was closed (DAMN!) So i went back to the advisement room....then Mike K was calling me a pussy, so I told him to shut up, and then Mike told Chris to tell me 'You're a pussy' , Chris didn't tell me that, he just laughed at me, so I finally said 'Well guess what?!! I am so fuckin glad we aren't friends anymore, I can't stand you at all!' Then he just said 'What did I do?!!" I am like 'Hmmm...well, THINK HARDER!' then I just got up and went to the other side of the room..*sighs* Fuck Chris. I know you guys are friends with him too, but what my terp told me about what Chris told him is that I was tryin' to steal his 'elementary school friends' like Kristina, Victoria, etc. I'm like 'wtf' coz Chris asked Kristina if she could to his house, and she said 'I dont know coz we're going to Mandie's.' So he thinks I was takin our friends away from him coz they hang out more with me than him. Well, I can't stand Chris anymore. Oh yeah, like after 7th hour when I walked in the hallway on my way to other side of the building to 8th period room (near the gym) and then Chris just somehow came up to me and said 'Guess what!!?!' with an happy face. I am like 'huh what?' He said 'I slept in the class during the stupid movie! Ms. Ring didn't care if I slept in the class!' Im like 'Okay?' then I was thinking 'Who cares if you sleep in class, theres other kids sleepin in their classes, so its not a big deal but nice..' yeah whatever. BLaah...sowwi ya'll hafta hear about me complainin about Chris. I just cant stand him anymore! *grrrrrrowwwwwwwwls and runs over Chris with mah semi truck* *Thinks: wait, I dont have a semi truck. Damn* haha.

How did my day get better? Well, I was with Beki for awhile, at least an half hour or so. We talked and hung out (FINALLY!!) I missed her bunchies coz we didn't hang out that much anymore before. No idea what happened but we got that worked out, right, Beki? *winks* Yeppers. Then Beki had to leave coz her dad didn't want her to go out but how nice of him letting her out to pick me up from school. So, hm, after Beki left, then Kristi and Mandy came over. I somehow thought they were playing a joke on me that Victoria wasn't there and I thought Vic was really there. I wasn't happy that Vic wasnt there with them. Kristi was makin a face like Vic was hiding or something haha. Damn you, Kristi! Haha but yeah. It was funny but I was sad! *Frowns mah face*. Yeah...then me and Kristi and Mandy went to Dollar General to get sum shit and then went to Taco Bell's. 3 people at TB knew sign language...the girl from RHS asked us 'Do you all go to RHS?' I said 'no, just me' so yeppers. Then when we were eating tacos, 2 people on Mandy's side (right side) was waving to get my attention and asked us if we are deaf and what school we go to. Yeppers...her mom used to work at NSD and asked me if Ralston was a good school, yeppers, she goes to Andersen Middle School (7th grade). And her dad (I think?) lost some hearing and is 40 years old haha. We didn't need to know that but yeah. It was weird how 3 people in one place knew sign language and was asking us questions, haha. Then we left, and went back to my apartment, hung out for awhile...going thru maganizes. I tried calling Vic coz I was dyin' to talk to her but couldn't get ahold of her until like maybe few times...then she said she couldn't talk and will call me back in 10 minutes. So in 10 minutes, she did call back but said that my line said 'No Service' or something like that.. like the line wouldn't go thru or whatever. So I tried calling Vic myself..couldn't get ahold of her until later. Finally got ahold of her but only talked for like what, 2 minutes! *growls* coz her dad needs the phone about the computer, then she said her parents said I can call at 8pm. I couldn't call at 8pm coz mom was on the phone *damn* so I had Beki callin her for me and ask if she could call me at 9pm. Beki called and then letted me know that Vic might not be able to call me at 9, I just somehow got sad and started crying lil bit haha. I guess I really needed to talk to her *HEEEEY, I LOVE HER BUNCHIES, alright!???!* So, yeah..then later I got online like around 9 30 or whatever, talked to Victoria thru the cell, wasn't able to talk to her that much tonight (sadd about that, that's also unusual too!) We usually call and talk to each other for an hour or 2 every nights but not for last 2 nights. Blaaah *freakin mom using the phone for her game--wowwww, not!* So yeah, I bettttttttttttterrrrrrrrrr see her tomorrow or I am gonna scream my head off, SERIOUSLY!! I really have to see her tomorrow, I am like, must be with her almost every day. I love her too much to let her go! *HUgggggs my babe * Well, I have to go now. Good nitey, ya'll! Thanks, byebye! Enjoy readin my LJ, huh? Haha, I guess, hehe, well BTW, VICTORIA, I LOVE YOU!!! HOPE I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW!! Beki, it was great seeing you! LYLAS Kristi and Mandy L, had fun with you guys today , thanx for keepin' me company!
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