Amanda (chocoeyed15) wrote,

Awww shyt!

awww tmw..why cant we have another snow day! WAITTTTTTT, I do not want another one coz then we won't get out of school until the end of way, not happening at all!

So hmm...I am grounded..only about 6 more days left until I am done grounded but I asked mom if I can go to the dance on Friday, she said 'we'll see' so we will have to see, I am gonna beg my mom to let me go- starting weds morning! *mom can i go to th dance* comes home from school on weds..*mom can i go to the dance on friday?!* goes to bed..wakes up thursday morning..MOM Can I go to the dance? goes to school...comes home from school *mom can I go to the dance tomorrow?* goes to bed...wakes up Friday morning *mom can I go to the dance and recieves a answer* YESSSS!!!!! WHEEEE! LOL *thinks...* wow I wish she would actually let me know Friday morning or something but I doubt it, lol she'll probably let me know after school so yeah. Hehe..hmm oh wellie!

I got some messages for some here it is:

BEKI--I miss ya bunchies :(, I wanna talk to you ASAP so...btw my new screen name is AfSuNnYoRaNgE87 so add me if you can, alright?

VIC-- I wuv ya bunchies! Can't believe we are grounded *looks around* ohh well too bad!

ANNIE-- _ _ _ _ and Annie sittin in the tree...K I S S I N G ! *muwaha and runs away*

TAYERS-- Foooooo! Asked Chris to a Burke's prom...awessssomie!! Hehe talk to ya on AIM sumtimes!!

LISS-- *growls at Cody and Erica* can't believe both of them *shakes my head* I hafta deal with Erica talkin about Cody 24/7..woww....SHUT UP ERICA! LOL So yeaaaah!

KRISTI- shame on you..shame on you! *imtating Doug "you diguest me!"* I didn't say nothing!! *la la la la la and runs away*

DOUG-- Hope you aren't reading this shyt! Hiiiiiiiiiiiii and Lattttter, duchebag *imitating you*

Well, a new announcement for new screen name is aFsUnNyOrAnGe87....Af- Amanda Fick or A&F (clothes brand) and Sunny orange...bootiful color! *dances around the sun...HOT!* and 87 is the year I born..1987..not 1887, alrighty! I would be dead and OLLLLLLLLD as hella *heeee!* So yeppers! Well...sowwi, me outtie! Good nitey! Buhbyes..about the time I updated the LJ! *dances around....pats everyone on the head....not Vic or Kristina..u guys taller than me so I cant reach it!* Muwaha*
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