Amanda (chocoeyed15) wrote,

BoRrEd CaNt SlEeP!

*Growls* Jeez, I cant sleep's already 4 40am in the morning. I have basketball practice at least in almost 5 hours (damnit). I can't sleep coz I've been sleepin ever since 8 30pm to maybe almost 2am. So yeah..when I woke up, I just watched movie-Bad Boys II with Kirstin then she fell asleep...then I was listenin' to Hilary Duff and Britney Spears on my stero, then I tried to go back to sleep, but pfft, I can't! And theres nothing to watch on tv! *Growls again!* So yeah...I'll be busy later today. Here's my plans for today:
9:00am- wake up and get ready for basketball practice
9:45am- mom take me to Blockbuster and drop off movies then to RHS
11:30am or 12:00pm- finish with practice
12:15pm- arrive home and get clothes into washer/dryers
12:30pm-get into the showwwweeeeer!
1:00pm-take a nap or something
2:30pm- Beki and Victoria meet me here at my apartment
3:00pm-arrive at Falcon's party
3:00pm to 6:30pm- Paaaarrr-tayyyy!
6:30pm- leave Falcon's house and go to Lindsay's!
7:00pm- Arrive to Lindsay's house
7:00pm to 9:00am- sleeping then wake up and leaving Lindsay's to my basketball practice at RHS
10:00am- practice starts
12:00pm- practice finished...going home
12:15pm-arrive home
12:30pm- eat and then take a nap
4:30pm- Beki pick me up to go to babysitting
5:00pm- arrive at Amy's house (babysitting)
5:00pm to 1:00am- babysitting and having fun! *new year eve!*
1:15am- leave Amy's house and go to Beki's
1:45am- arrive and then beddie time!
9:30am-wakeeeee up!

So yep, see how busy I am?! Bussssssy as an beeeeee! Muwaha. Me a dorkie right now..hehe. OMG!! Jeepers Creepers 2 is a scariest movie I've ever seen in my wholllllle LIFE! For the first time ever, I screamed during one of the scenes in the movie when Jeeper Creeper showed up out of nowhere onto bus's window. *Shudddders, and gives myself goosebumps!* Maaan, I wish Victoria was there w/ me so I could hold her instead of screaming my head off! *Gulps* VICTORIA, NEXT TIME YOU'RE GONNA BE WITH ME WHEN WE WATCH SCARRRRY MOVIE!! So yeaaaaah! I had fun w/ Beki, Matthew, and Victoria in da laundry room...*whoooosah!* muwaha just kidding, not that way! Just messin' around with the lights but ended up Matthew findin' the 'MAIN' lights that turns off everywhere in the apartment building. Freaked me out when he 'accidently' turned it off then I was like "I'm outta here!" then ran outside, then me and Beki noticed a guy comin' out to the hallway on the 2nd floor b/c the lights went out. Not goodie! *Gulps* Hehe oh wellie! Was funnn! But ain't gettin' risk of being in trouble or grounded again coz I already got plans for the next few days! Ahhh! In less a week, school's startin' again! Goddamnit! *imiating the coach in "Not Another Teen Movie"* Muwaha..pftie but we are already half year through high school until summer...dang, it has gone so freakkkkkin' FAST! Hehe but that's a good thing, summer's coming, POOL, here I come! Muwaha! Welll, I think I am gonna go back to trying to sleeeep! So gooodddd nighty..well actually, GOOD MORNING! Hehe good bye for now! *HUgggggs Victoria!* I WUV YOU! Beki *Hugggggs* MY BEST FRIEND forrrrever
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