Amanda (chocoeyed15) wrote,


Jeeeeeez! It's freaking cold in here! I've been cold all day. I think I am getting sick. *Gulps* Oh well, it's probably the weather though. Too much coldness going into buildings-whereever I go, doesn't matter what room, but still, I'm colddddd! Taco Bell, Grenta Elementary School, Ralston High School, my apartment, and the gas station, its all COLLLLLD! Brrrrr! But yeah, went to my basketball game tonight, and jeez, we sucked as hella. One girl sprained her ankle..dang not goodie (not really sprained her ankle but just hurted it badly). After basketball game, went to Taco Bell with Matthew and Beki, and it was STILL cold there...grr! Well, I am outtie..going to bed and meeting Victoria at our dreamland so good night! Bye *hugggggggs Victoria* I wuvvvvv you so damn much! Hehe
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