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Blaaah! I am really bored right now! Many people is online right now but I don't usually talk to them anyway. But yeah, I am talking to Kristina and Beki right now. So...anyway, I had fun this weekend. Friday night, had basketball practice from 4 45pm to 6 15pm at RMS (was postponed coz of boys sophomore basketball game at RHS) and then Doug, Beki, and Victoria picked me up and went to my apartment then I got into my normal clothes (changed out of basketball practice uniforms) and then we left and went to Mike K's house. Jeremiah, Chris, Mike K, Doug, Beki, Victoria, me, Kirstin, Taryn, and Ann were all there. Then we had some pizza when we got there, then went downstairs and hung out, then left his house to go to Mockingbird Bowling and then didn't go home until like maybe around 11:45pm and then Doug, Beki, and Victoria all came over to my apartment and hung out in my room, played Oujia game (creepy game), turns out that Doug and Victoria fell asleep on my(Doug) and Kirstin(Victoria)'s bed. Me, Beki, and Kirstin were playing game. Until maybe around 12:30am then they left. Then I woke up around 1 30pm the next day. Then cleaned little bit then Doug, Beki, and Victoria came over. Hung out for little, then decided to go out to eat but turns out we didn't find anywhere to eat..offically most of us were broke. Then Doug dropped us off at my apartment then me, Beki, and Victoria went up to gas station, turns out we couldn't find anything to eat then we decided to go to Dollar Gerenal coz it's cheaper. Then we went there, then got some pop, cookies (much of cookies, jeez!) and some little things. Came home, ate then went to my room, hung out for little bit and played Oujia game again then we decided to go rent some movies. So we did, at Hyvee, we got.. 'Just Married' and 'Its Guy Thing' but ended up that we can't watch it that night so we waited until morning to watch it. So we hung out in my room..played little bit of Oujia game then Beki fell asleep then Kirstin went to the computer, Victoria and I went to bed. I woke up around 10:30 am in the morning and then we went and watched a movie 'Just Married' then after that, Victoria had to go home *awww nooo!! :(* Then me, Beki, and Kirstin made some eggs to eat (we were hungry) and then we watched 'Its Guy Thing' then Beki and I hung out in my room for awhile then she left. Then I went and start on some chores (sorting some clothes then watched some tv, then Victoria called me, talked, then I got online, here I am :-D . So's ordering some good shit from Roman's something..but it's good! Wheeeeeee! Well I am done for now, talking to my hunnie so lattttttter! Bye
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