Amanda (chocoeyed15) wrote,

Can't sleep......

Heya everyone. I can't sleep right now and I am like already really tired. I didn't go to bed until 2 30am last night. Haven't even took any naps at all after school. Few reasons:
- Victoria stayed with me until 7 30pm *thanx for keepin me company, hun!*
-Chores: cleaning kitchen, microwave, sweeping the floor, washing the floor, and picked up dining room.
- Started on mah homework..ended up I left mah fuckin' Shakespeare book in mah locker at skool so I am not able to memorize 10 lines by around 9 30am tmw morning *dammmmn!*
-Took a long bath *nice hot one, alrighty?*

So yeah, thats all I did today..blaah...I wanna to sleep, I am sure I'll be tired as hella later, might try to sleep during science class if I can haha :-p coz all we do in there is doing an book assignment. It usually takes me 5 to 10 minutes to finish it. Blah so yeppers. I usually write notes or chitchat w/ Erica Hall when I am done. But yep, the science teacher was gettin on mah nerves. He asked me sum dumb like 'huh?' haha alright whaaaatever. But anyway..I am eating Ramen soup right now (Orginial kind...yummmmmy!) So yepp...Im gonna go now, so talk to ya'll later! Muwaha. Dunno mah plans for Friday night (tonight) I wanna hang out w/ sum friends 2night since I might have a chance to go out tonight so..yepp, lata! Buhbyes
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